P-Shaped Conservatories


p-shaped consevatory


At Summit Windows we are dedicated to providing excellent quality Conservatories at competitive prices, our P-Shaped Conservatories are no different. Featuring a stunning P-Shaped design, with an elongated section, in which to host guests, and an imposing bay that adds not just another room, but a panoramic view of your garden. It is because of the two different areas that P-Shaped Conservatories are very well suited to larger homes. Our P-Shaped Conservatories are designed, manufactured and installed to meet your particular needs and requirements. Cost surprisingly little given the high quality and workmanship, this is because we care about your desire to find affordable Conservatories.

Take a look at other styles of conservatories

Edwardian Conservatory

Edwardian (or Georgian) conservatories are quite similar in style to the Victorian, and also feature an apexed roof. However the main difference is that Edwardian conservatories are square or rectangular on plan, so they have a flat front (compared to the Victorian angle front). When it comes to choosing the right Summit conservatory, there are so many decisions to make and questions to ask.

Victorian Conservatory

Victorian conservatories are the most popular styles of conservatory in England, Victorian style complements most types of property. Victorian conservatories are especially popular on all homes, which contains some of the finest Victorian architecture in the country. Victorian conservatories traditionally have 3 or 5 facets on their front elevation, and ornate detailing along the ridge of the roof.

Lean To Conservatory

Lean To (or Home Extender) conservatories have a square or rectangular plan – like the Edwardian – but feature a sloped roof attached to one of the walls of the house. Because of their modern, functional appearance they are suitable for a wide range of modern properties, particularly bungalows and other low-pitched houses, ideal for homes with a limited amount of space.

Orangery Conservatory

While some may look similar to a conservatory, there are some very distinct differences. Orangeries are more akin to extensions than conservatories. They generally do not have a door dividing the extension to the main part of the house. You may have a door, perhaps a high quality bi-fold door, but the general idea is that part of you house is seamlessly extended into this new glass building with an atrium style roof.