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Build your home with the dream team.

House buyers can spend a lifetime searching for their dream home. Everybody wants the south facing garden, the perfect kitchen, or the most comfortable lounge.

Self-build homes are becoming a popular choice for people looking to get on the property ladder. This can be because of a lack of local housing supply, a desire to create a more modern environmentally friendly home.

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Concept to Completion, our goal is to provide you with an exceptional level of service and an experience that exceeds your expectations as well as a clear understanding of the process.


Victorian conservatories are the most popular styles of conservatory in England, Victorian style complements most types of property, and are especially popular on all homes.


ensure that you receive and keep the paperwork for all completed electrical work and periodic inspection,should include schedules of inspections and test results.


Traditionally, plaster was laid onto laths, rather than plasterboard as is more common place nowadays. Coving from Victorian to Modern styles.