Summit Construction Services


Construction work to any building is important for a number of reasons; those reasons become especially important when it is your home because it holds such a special and emotional place in most peoples hearts. With that in mind, Summit Construction believe we really need to be part of the family to get the work right.

The Team

Here at Summit Construction we have built a team of fully trained, quality, dedicated & trustworthy tradesmen who have all come up through the ranks year after year. Our main priorities from starting through to completing any building work are safety, protection, cleanliness & minimul disruption to the customer.


On Site

We always like to talk to our customers & engage in weekly meetings along with twice daily site inspections on every building job we undertake. With each site we appoint a foreman to over see the construction programme.


Summit Construction are proud to work with a number of local professional architects & also have our own in-house professional architect, Peter Brown. We also work very closely with a team of award winning interior design professionals who are on hand to advise on innovative, fashionable & state of the art solutions for your home.

On Going Works

Swift, professional building services.

We offer a one-stop-shop approach when taking on your extensions and conversion projects.

Whether you want your cellar or loft converted into a room to fit your extending family, or you want to extend the back of your house giving you more square footage.

We have the experience and a highly skilled team to help you achieve your projects swiftly and professionally.

Summit innovative service and superb value for money.




Quality work, qualified professionals.

Whether it be a new building, or maintentance or adaption of an existing one, we are a construction company that delivers the highest of standards of workmanship.

This is evidenced in the positive feedback from our many satisfied customers.

Controls are in place from site level to head office and quality checks are regularly carried out. We emphasise customer satisfaction and this is continuously measured.