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What Are Bow and Bay Windows?

Bow and bay windows are similar in design and sometimes home owners find it hard to differentiate between the two. It is important to note however, that the actual shape and size of these windows is dependent on your property.

The Bay Window

The typical bay window is angled with three windows which project out from the building. A bay window structure usually consists of a large centre window surrounded by two smaller windows. These windows are however, available in varying sizes.

The smaller windows which make up a bay windows are what as known as 'flankers'. These flankers are angled 30 or 40 degrees from the wall. The large centre window provides a wide outside view as well as being installed for aesthetic purposes.

The Bow Window

The bow window is a variation of the bay window. Bow windows are commonly mistaken for bay windows but they can be distinguished by their core structure.

Unlike the bay window which is the main feature of the house, the bow window is placed on a sill.
These windows are made from four or more window units of similar size.

These units are joined together, creating a curved edge. The bow window does not suffer from unsightly corners. Round in shape, they provide softer angles.

The Benefits of Bow and Bay Windows

Bow and bay windows can add great value to your property. People love homes which have big glass windows.

These windows will add aesthetic value.These windows will look impressive from both the interior and exterior of your property. Their wonderful arches and varying angles will give your property added depth and dimension.

Designed to project outwards from a room, bow and bay windows will provide you with a greater sense of spaciousness. Compared to traditional flat windows, bow and bay windows offer a wide and on-obstructed view.

They will brighten up your room by letting in vast amounts of natural light. Bow and bay windows will really open up your home. It may not seem like much but their added footage will provide you with that extra space for decoration and additional seating.

The bay window can be turned into a cosy alcove, complete with comfy cushions and blankets. This can be created by having a deep shelf low to the ground, providing a perfect hideout.